Stock House Brewing has opened its doors!

Last winter I was approached to do a logo design for a local brewer in Wauwatosa, a suburb or Milwaukee. He wanted to open up a small neighborhood pub with his friend (a mutual friend of ours). He would specialize in home brews and switch up the rotation regularly creating a wide variety of selections. It would be purely local - that included ingredients and the people.

Well a year later and they’ve done it.

This past Monday they opened their doors. I have to say I'm impressed with the result. 4 guys worked their asses off to open their doors, and while there were a few setbacks (they had originally planned to open in the summer) they hurdled those with grace and are hitting the ground running. Better to do it right rather than rushed.

They did a great job incorporating the logo into the interior (and exterior signage!). If you’re in East Tosa stop in. It’s getting chilly out there so a beer to warm your bones might do you good.

The website is currently in progress - the beer is the most important part anyway!

Location: 7208 W North Ave, Wauwatosa, WI 53213

You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram (@stockhousebrewing).

See the process of making creating the logo here

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