Wendell's site has been updated! I've been drawing this guy for about 4 years now - he started out as a shitty sketchbook doodle in a friend's notebook and has taken a life of his own.

Rick and Morty Tribute

Rick and Morty Tribute

He's fun to write for, and I have established rules for his cynicism. 

1.) He doesn't swear: Sure, fuckin' swearing is the shit, but I want e his critiscims on humanity to be articulate and swear words can be nice filler words, but they can also be unnecessary fluff and loose their shock value quickly. 

2.) He doesn't single people out: That's called racism, folks. Or agesim, or sexism, or whatever you want to call it. It's not cool. He looks at everyone under the same scope, and guess what - we're all shitty in our own unique, awful ways. He just calls it out as he sees it.

3.) He laughs at your values: We all have out moral code and it guides us, but Wendell doesn't. He has no guides or dogma on how to live life, and realizes how ridiculous it is to adhere to one strict code while rejecting all other possibilities. He's a small, fluffy devil's advocate.  

In case you're reading this and have no idea what a woolly bear is, they're a type of caterpillar that live in temperate to cold woodland regions (they can survive in arctic regions!). They're caterpillars, so they're larva. But not the gross kind that feed on flesh. Their final form is a moth that's not quite as cute. Ill let you Google it if you're compelled to do so.

I've had a lot of fun developing this fluffy asshole - he's a good little pet project and helps me develop my writing skills. 

Check out his webpage here. Instagram here 

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