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Open Lotus Yoga Retreat

Travel & Tourism Website

Open Lotus Yoga Retreat is a yoga/meditation/trekking service located in Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India. The Himalayan homestay is an all-inclusive yoga getaway located high in the mountains. I designed their website, handled promotional marketing, and manage social media accounts. For 3 months I stayed with the family in their home and worked with the business owner and his sons on the design, branding, and marketing, all while helping the sons develop their English skills. The website contains information on tour itineraries for yoga classes and trekking/touring packages, info on the homestay, and yoga teacher credentials. Thanks to Katherine Hutchison & Meghan Moorlach of Project7 for providing photography.


Pathfinder Moto Tours

Travel & Tourism Website

Pathfinder Moto Tours is an adventure motorcycle touring service located in the Himalayas of Northern India. I developed their brand identity, manage their social media, and designed their website. The website has information on motorcycle rentals, tour itineraries, and pertinent information on what it takes to conquer the twisting, unpredictable roads of the Himalayas. Photography help from Katherine Hutchison and Meghan Moorlach of Project7.


Scraper Timeline App

Conceptual Phone App

Scraper is a conceptual smart phone app designed to inform people on historical skyscrapers and their attributes in New York City. My target audience was aimed towards adolescent females between the ages of 15-18. The demographic this design is aimed towards is not conventional, but the design addresses this by making the interface and layout very simple through color use and typography. Inspired by the layout of the New York's subway system, the timeline chronicles skyscrapers from the dawn of the Industrial Revolution to modern times. All graphics were created using Adobe inDesign and Illustrator. The subject matter is inspired by my love of New York's architecture.