Tyrant Trading Cards are collectible trading cards. The project was started in the summer of 2015 by Oscar G. Kourany and Ethan Keister on a plane. Small talk regarding professions led to a conversation about Columbian drug-lords and then to notorious dictators throughout history. One thing led to another, and Tyrant Trading cards were created. The cards provide dark, twisted, humorous stats about the scum of mankind throughout human history. Satirical, bare-bone information on these infamous leaders are provided at the bottom. 


Let's face it, normal shooting targets are drab. Crude silhouettes & circle designs are boring and while it may help track your progress as a marksman, where is the fun? Tyrant Targets infuse history and target practice in fun, harmless shooting targets designed for entertainment and as a conversation starter at the range. We DO NOT condone gun violence. These targets are for entertainment purposes only and advise these be utilized at an official, licensed target range.