Print, Packaging & Apparel


Art Direction: Photography & illustration

Conceptual album cover art for 2 bands. A collaborative of photography and illustration. Flock Mentality: A punk rock band from Texas. Devilment: An alternative rock band from New Orleans, Louisiana.



Inspired by aesthetics from the popular film, Back to the Future, The packaging of this multi-tool was heavily concept-based. What if a time traveler had a multi-purpose tool? What kind of packaging would it come in? Paying homage to the film, the shape of the package is similar to that of the DeLorean Time Machine's flux capacitor, a device used in the film to travel through time. Everything is hand-cut and the tool itself was vacuum formed using a mold and a press.



Art Direction: Print & Editorial Design

A publication produced at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. The purpose of this magazine is to inform and inspire the reader with articles and antidotes of leadership while collaborating with different writers, designers, illustrators, and photographers. What makes a good leader? How can one live a life of service? Luminary will shed light on this topic and more.



Editorial Design

My friend Michael Collazo is a talented guy; he’s a painter, printmaker, drawer and overall skilled artist. I wanted to interview him and his process. Why stop there? What would it be like to see his interview in a magazine? Not just any magazine, but Juxtapoz - the premiere fine arts periodical. The interview explored Michael’s process as a maker and a student of figure and form. I stayed within the look and feel of Juxtapoz’s design layout and style. This magazine cover is conceptual and has no affiliation with Juxtapoz Magazine



Inspired by the craft brewery aesthetic, Bullspit is a conceptual American pilsner. The name is derived from a more acceptable way of saying bullshit. Aimed towards a male demographic and infusing humor with illustrative graphics, Bullspit captures the essence of enjoying a cold one while relaxing on a Saturday night with pals. Each label has a different bovine depicted with a different name and characteristic. When lined up side-by-side, it appears as if all 6 bulls are at one bar.