"Do what you do best and link to the rest." - Jeff Jarvis
I take tons of inspiration from other people; from all corners of the globe. This page is dedicated to those who've helped me out, collaborators, clients, friends, and inspirational minds whose work I deeply admire. Take some time to check out this growing index of  artists, designers, musicians, architects, authors, and poets. Alphabetical by (last) name.



MATTIAS ADOLFSSONIllustrator, Sketchbook Artist. Sweden


BIGSHOT ROBOT: Graphic Design Studio. Painting. Illustration. Milwaukee, WI

BLACKBOX VISUAL: Kinetic Typography. Video Production. Animation Studio. Milwaukee, WI

BRIANNA BARNESIllustrator/Designer. Milwaukee, WI

BRYCE BOHO: Interior Architecture. Graphic Designer. Milwaukee, WI

CASEY BONATH: Industrial Designer. Milwaukee, WI

PHILIP BURKEPainter/Illustrator. Rolling Stones Magazine. Buffalo, NY

SERGI BROSA: Concept Artist/Digital Illustrator. Barcelona, Spain


CARRIE CHAPKO: Studio Carrie. Illustration. Graphic Design. Pattern/Textile Design. Milwaukee, WI

DANIEL J. CHUNG: Graphic Designer. Photographer. Milwaukee, WI

MICHAEL COLLAZOPainter, Studio Artist, Mixed-Media. Excellent Figure Work. Glasgow, Scotland


ABBEY DECKERTextile & Surface Pattern Designer, Illustrator, Painter. Milwaukee, WI

MATT DIFFEE:  New Yorker Cartoonist, Illustrator. TX

DIRTY ROBOT: Illustrator, Comic Artist, Animator. Japan

TODD DOUGLAS: Author, Columnist. Author of "A Republic, If You Can Keep It." Binghamton, NY

AARON DRAPLIN: Nationally Acclaimed Graphic Designer. Brand Identity. Portland, OR

MICHAEL DZIEKAN: Illustrator. Character Designer. Poland


ANTON EMDIN Freelance Illustrator. Contributes to MAD Magazine. Australia

JOE ESTREM: Graphic Designer. Milwaukee, WI


JOHN FISCHER: Motion Graphics. Animator. Freelancer. Milwaukee, WI.

FUN BEER TOURS, MILWAUKEE: Brewery tour service based around Milwaukee's rich brewing history

FUZZY BUCKETS STUDIOS: Drawings to Custom Plushies. Created my Wendell plushie.


PARKER GAYANAnimator, VFX Artist. Editor. Milwaukee, WI

KIM JUNG GI: Illustrator, Concept Artist. China

PHILLIP R. GOODWIN: Illustrator, Painter. Landscape Painter  and the American frontier. New York, NY

STEPHEN GUMA: Photographer, Animator (2D and 3D), Multi-Media Artist, Designer. Milwaukee, WI


HANNAH HALLMAN (COTTNA): Illustrator, Comic Artist. Milwaukee, WI

KALEY HAMILTON: Illustrator, Pattern Designer for KOHLS. Milwaukee, WI

ANDREW HEMPainter, Sketchbook Artist, Traveller

TONY HOLZ (102YEAH): Graphic Design. Illustration. Kinetic Type. Animation. Milwaukee, WI

BRUCE HUMPHRIES: Sculpture, Time-Based Media, Ceramics, Drawing. Milwaukee, WI


ZAC JACOBSON: Graphic Designer, Typography. Brand Identity. Milwaukee, WI

KYLE V. JAMESFilmmaker, Animator, Graphic Designer. Milwaukee, WI 

CHASE JARVISPhotographer, Director, YouTuber. Creative Series. Seattle, WA


BILL KAMINSKI:  Graphic Designer, Typographer, Publication & Editorial Design. Milwaukee, WI

NOAH KELBER: Graphic Designer. Milwaukee, WI

AUSTIN KLEON: Author, Poet, Artist, Blogger. Author of "Steal Like an Artist." Austin, TX

SAGE KOSSMAN (BEAN TOES)Comic book artist/Illustrator based out of Wisconsin

JIDDU KRISNAMURTI: Indian Philosopher. Author. India.


MARK MANSON: Author, Blogger. Author of "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck." Los Angeles, CA

MCBESS: Illustrator, Animator, Printmaker. Paris, France

GRANT MAHR: Graphic Designer/Fine Artist/ Student based out of Milwaukee, WI

LUKE MCGARRY: Web designer. Cartoonist. Illustrator. Graphic Designer

JEFF MOORES: Illustrator, Cartoonist, Animator, Painter (Watercolor). Rochester, NY

MEGHAN MOORLACH: Photographer. Graphic Designer. Des Moines, IA

MOSSY GIANT: Illustrator, Designer. Amazing Prints & Posters. Amsterdam, Netherlands


CHRISTOPH NIEMANN: Illustrator, Author, Graphic Designer. Editorial Illustrations. New York, NY


CECILIA PALACIOS: Illustrator, Painter. Milwaukee, WI.

JAKE PARKER Illustrator/Comic Artist, Author. Utah

LAUREN PARRA: Illustrator, Textile Designer, Painter. Milwaukee, WI.

IAN PATTERSON: Cartoonist, Illustrator, Hilarious Dude. Lawrence, KS

BOBBY PONTILLAS: Character Animator, Character Design. Disney. Los Angeles, CA

PROJECT7: Katherine Hutchison. Design/Advertising Agency.  Des Moines, IA


TOM RICHMOND: MAD Magazine Illustrator, Caricaturist. Author of "The Art of Caricature."  Minneapolis, MN


DEBBIE SAJNANI: Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Digital/Social Media.  Milwaukee, WI

SHIRO SHITA SAORI: Graphic Designer. Japan

TONY SEAMAN: Graphic Design. Painter. Creative Director. Milwaukee, WI

ADAM SETALA: Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Typographer. Milwaukee, WI

STEPHEN SILVERCharacter Designer/Illustrator. Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. Los Angeles, CA

SAM SPRATT: Digital Painter. Album Artist. Collaborates with LOGIC. New York City, NY

LANIA SPROLES: Printmaker. Gallery Artist. Milwaukee, WI

ED STECKLEY: Cartoonist/Illustrator, Painter - Watercolorist. New York, NY

STUDIO 319: A collective group of designers, illustrators, filmmakers/photographers, and animators. Milwaukee, WI


TATSUYUKI TANAKA:  Illustrator, Animator, Storyboard Artist, Concept Art. Tokyo, Japan

WILL TERRELL:  Illustrator, Comic Artist, Character Design. YouTuber. Los Angeles, CA

SACHIN TENG: Digital/Traditional Illustrator. New York, NY


UNCLE BEN'S REMEDY: A Folk/Rock Band. Currently releasing their 3rd album.One of my first clients.  Buffalo, NY.


ARIANNA VAETH: Painter, Studio Artist, Drawer. Excellent Figure Work. Milwaukee, WI

ANA VILLARAMA: Graphic Designer. Web Design. Milwaukee, WI.

LARA MAE VITANZOAnimator, Illustrator, Designer. Chicago, IL


WATSKY: Slam Poet. Hip Hop Artist. Author. San Fransisco, CA


ZEN PENCILS: Cartoonist Gavin Aung Than. Famous Quotes turned into Cartoons. Melbourne, Australia

ZIZZO GROUP: An Engagement Marketing/Advertising Agency in Milwaukee, WI


199XMAU (MAU LENCINAS): Illustrator/Designer. Buenos Aires, Argentina