I'm an avid believer that you can't make it in this world without a little help. I take lots of inspiration from other artists and designers from all corners of the globe. This page is dedicated to those who've helped me out, past clients, friends, and inspirational creators whose work I overall admire and aspire to. Take some time to check out this growing index of  incredible artists, designers, architects, authors, and poets. Alphabetical by name.


MATTIAS ADOLFSSONIllustrator, Sketchbook Artist. Sweden

BLACKBOX VISUAL: A Video Production and Animation Studio based out of Milwaukee, WI

BRIANNA BARNESIllustrator/Designer. Milwaukee, WI

PHILIP BURKEPainter/Illustrator. Rolling Stones Magazine. Buffalo, NY

SERGI BROSA: Concept Artist/Digital Illustrator. Barcelona, Spain

MICHAEL COLLAZO : Painter, Studio Artist, Mixed-Media. Excellent Figure Work. Glasgow, Scotland

ABBEY DECKERTextile & Surface Pattern Designer, Illustrator, Painter. Milwaukee, WI.

MATT DIFFEE:  New Yorker Cartoonist, Illustrator. TX

DIRTY ROBOT: Illustrator, Comic Artist, Animator. Japan

TODD DOUGLAS: Author, Columnist. Author of "A Republic, If You Can Keep It." Binghamton, NY

AARON DRAPLIN: Graphic Designer, Portland, OR

MICHAEL DZIEKAN: Illustrator, Character Designer. Poland

ANTON EMDIN Freelance Illustrator. Contributes to MAD Magazine. Australia

JOE ESTREM: Graphic Designer. Milwaukee, WI

FUN BEER TOURS, MILWAUKEE: A Brewery tour service based around Milwaukee's rich brewing history. I designed their brand identity

FUZZY BUCKETS STUDIOS: Drawings to Custom Plushies. Created my Wendell plushie.

KIM JUNG GI: Illustrator, Concept Artist. China.

PHILLIP R. GOODWIN: Illustrator, Painter. Landscape Painter  and the American frontier. New York, NY

HANNAH HALLMAN (COTTNA): Illustrator, Comic Artist. Milwaukee, WI

KALEY HAMILTON: Illustrator, Pattern Designer for KOHLS. Milwaukee, WI

ANDREW HEMPainter, Sketchbook Artist, Traveller

BRUCE HUMPHRIES: Sculpture, Time-Based Media, Ceramics, Drawing. Milwaukee, WI

KYLE V. JAMESFilmmaker, Animator, Graphic Designer. Milwaukee, WI 

CHASE JARVISPhotographer, Director, YouTuber. Creative Series. Seattle, WA

BILL KAMINSKI:  Graphic Designer, Typographer, Publication & Editorial Design. Milwaukee, WI

NOAH KELBER: Graphic Designer. Milwaukee, WI

AUSTIN KLEON: Author, Poet, Artist, Blogger. Author of "Steal Like an Artist." Austin, TX

SAGE KOSSMAN (BEAN TOES)Comic book artist/Illustrator based out of Wisconsin

MARK MANSON: Author, Blogger. Author of "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck." Los Angeles, CA

MCBESS: Illustrator, Animator, Printmaker. Paris, France

GRANT MAHR: Graphic Designer/Fine Artist/ Student based out of Milwaukee, WI

LUKE MCGARRY: Web designer/Cartoonist/Graphic Designer

JEFF MOORES: Illustrator, Cartoonist, Animator, Painter (Watercolor). Rochester, NY

MEGHAN MOORLACH: Photographer, Graphic Designer. Des Moines, IA

MOSSY GIANT : Illustrator, Designer. Amazing Prints & Posters. Amsterdam, Netherlands

CHRISTOPH NIEMANN: Illustrator, Author, Graphic Designer. Editorial Illustrations. New York, NY

JAKE PARKER Illustrator/Comic Artist, Author. Utah

IAN PATTERSON: Cartoonist, Illustrator, Hilarious Dude. Lawrence, KS

BOBBY PONTILLAS: Character Animator, Character Design. Disney. Los Angeles, CA

PROJECT7: Katherine Hutchison. Design Agency in Des Moines, IA

TOM RICHMOND: MAD Magazine Illustrator, Caricaturist. Author of "The Art of Caricature."  Minneapolis, MN

SHIRO SHITA SAORI: Graphic Designer. Japan

ADAM SETALA: Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Typographer. Milwaukee, WI

STEPHEN SILVERCharacter Designer/Illustrator. Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. Los Angeles, CA

ED STECKLEY: Cartoonist/Illustrator, Painter - Watercolorist. New York, NY

STUDIO 319: A collective group of cool designers, illustrators, filmmakers/photographers, and animators based out of Milwaukee, WI

STUDIO CARRIE: Carrie Chapko. Illustration, Pattern/Textile Design. Milwaukee, WI.

TATSUYUKI TANAKA:  Illustrator, Animator, Storyboard Artist, Concept Art. Tokyo, Japan

WILL TERRELL:  Illustrator, Comic Artist, Character Design. YouTuber. Los Angeles, CA

SACHIN TENG: Digital/Traditional Illustrator. New York, NY

ARIANNA VAETH: Painter, Studio Artist, Drawer. Excellent Figure Work. Milwaukee, WI

LARA MAE VITANZOAnimator, Illustrator, Designer. Chicago, IL

GEORGE WATSKY: Slam Poet, Musician, Author. San Fransisco, CA

199XMAU (MAU LENCINAS): Illustrator/Designer. Buenos Aires, Argentina

ZEN PENCILS: Cartoonist Gavin Aung Than. Famous Quotes turned into Cartoons. Melbourne, Australia

ZIZZO GROUP: An Engagement Marketing/Advertising Agency in Milwaukee, WI