Odyssey Journals are designed for the creative nomad. Hand made and hand bound, these journals foster creativity through travel by providing prompts that span the whole gamut of documenting your adventures. Three different types of paper give the journals a classic hand-made feel. Three chapter prompts and over 80 pages of blank, graph, lined, and dot paper give you free reign of your creative journey along with other useful tools like a metric conversion chart, folders, and a ruler. Designed for the 2017 Senior Thesis Exhibition at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design.


Pathfinder Moto Tours is an adventure motorcycle touring service located in the Himalayas of Northern India. I developed their brand identity, manage their social media, and designed their website. The website has information on motorcycle rentals, tour itineraries, and pertinent information on what it takes to conquer the twisting, unpredictable roads of the Himalayas.

Photography help from Katherine Hutchison and Meghan Moorlach of Project7. 


Fun Beer Tours is a brewery touring service located in Milwaukee, WI. They provide a shuttle service around the city that stops at various local venues, giving historical tours  behind the city's rich brewing history. The logo can be found on shirts, hats, and other merchandise. The simplistic, fun design is meant to stand out among other beer touring logos found around the area. Website design by Superboss Design.

Check out the website here.


A magazine publication produced at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. The purpose of this magazine is to inform and inspire the reader with articles and antidotes of leadership while collaborating with different writers, designers, illustrators, and photographers. What makes a good leader? How can one live a life of service? Luminary will shed light on this topic and more. 

ARTICLE 1: Ponder This - Leadership Through the Internet

ARTICLE 2: Editor's Pick - Serve Not Theyself

ARTICLE 3: Exclusive Story - Captain Todd Douglas

See the full magazine below or go to www.issuu.com. Special thanks to all of those that contributed.

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Inspired by the craft brewery aesthetic, Bullspit is a conceptual American pale ale. The name is derived from a more acceptable way of saying bullshit - Aimed towards a male demographic and infusing humor with illustrative graphics, Bullspit captures the essence of enjoying a cold one while relaxing on a Saturday night with pals. Each label has a different bovine depicted with a different name and characteristic. When lined up side-by-side, it appears as if all 6 bulls are at one bar. 


An exercise in art direction, Devilment is a conceptual album cover for a New Orleans-Based indie band.

The Painted Hands are a group  from New Orleans, LA. They are a hybrid of indie grunge rock with a cajun twist that transports you to NoLa's swamps and bayous to Bourban Street. Check out their music here

Photography done by Elizabeth Avila-Neuheisal. 



Inspired by aesthetics from the popular film, Back to the Future, and the sci-fi genre as a whole, the packaging of this multi-tool was heavily concept-based. What if a time traveler had a multi-purpose tool? What kind of packaging would it come in and how would it look in retail? Everything is hand-cut and the tool itself was vacuum formed using a mold and a press. 

Back Copy: Are you a pioneer of the past? A tourist of tomorrow? If so, then be prepared for a revolutionary tool for the everyday time traveler: The Bak Trak Multi-Tool. From Mesopotamia to the first World War, Bak Trak is there for you. Seven different tools with infinite uses. The possibilities are as endless as the space-time continuum. 


Open Lotus Yoga Retreat is a yoga/meditation/trekking service located in Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India. The Himalayan homestay is an all-inclusive yoga getaway located high in the mountains. I designed their website, handled promotional marketing, and manage social media accounts. For 3 months I stayed with the family in their home and worked with the business owner and his sons on the design, branding, and marketing, all while helping the sons develop their English skills. 

The website contains information on tour itineraries for yoga classes and trekking/touring packages, info on the homestay, and yoga teacher credentials. Thanks to Katherine Hutchison & Meghan Moorlach of Project7 for providing photography.


Scraper is a conceptual smart phone app designed to inform folks on historical skyscrapers and their attributes in New York City. My target audience was unconventional:  geared towards young women between the ages of 15-18. The demographic this design is aimed towards is not conventional, but the design addresses this by making the interface and layout very simple through color use and typography. Inspired by the layout of NYC's subway system, the timeline chronicles skyscrapers from the dawn of the Industrial Revolution to modern times. The subject matter is inspired by my love  of New York's architecture.


This ad campaign done for the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design is meant to promote awareness on various topics that range from suicide prevention, anti-bullying, to anxiety and mental health. For these poster series, the topic focused on is risk reduction and preventing alcohol abuse/date rape. The overall topic is heavy, so the overall concept is handled lightly. Using tabletop/board games, simplistic symbolism, and bright colors, the overall message is delivered gracefully. "Don't be a part of someone's game" points to that fact that it all comes down to common sense when you're in a risky situation involving alcohol. Done using Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. 


The Kenya Outreach project is a non-profit community organization based out of Wayland, my hometown in upstate New York. The organization helped build a secondary school in a small impoverished village in Kenya, Africa.In the winter of 2015, I had the chance to travel with members of the organizations to visit the school and its first graduating class. I turned the opportunity into an independent study on the importance of design and communication in a third world country and conceived of an idea for a rebranding of the school's logo, mascot, and backpack designs that would serve as reflective safety gear on the back roads of the village where there are no traffic laws, preventing vehicle related accidents. 


Silva Harvesting is my father's small logging/forestry consulting business based in Upstate New York. With no original logo to work off of, he needed a brand for his business, regarding its local, small nature. The design and colors are inspired from tree farming signs that resemble the diamond shape. The following examples place the logo on business cards, letterheads, and envelopes. The other designs are various concepts that also represent what my father's business stands for: quality timber management.