Michael Collazo is a friend and roommate. He attends the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design for his bachelors of fine arts where he is majoring in Integrated Studio Arts. In this interview I explore his work, his technique, and his influences both in and outside of the fine art world. I collaborated with fellow student, David Small, utilizing his photography skills. See more of Michael's work on his art at: MICHAEL COLLAZO ART


This was a unique commission for the fact that it was first time working on an uneven, three dimensional surface. The commission came through friends of the family and called for a makeover of their daughter's hockey goalie helmet. The entire process took about 2 months and was a huge learning curve. The original helmet was completely white and had to be sanded down and repainted. Vinyl decals were then applied using adobe software to give it a strong graphic look. 


Rockin' Out is an information Graphic in the form of a 35"x25" poster. The poster is large enough to be read at a distance and was to be used at an indoor rock climbing facility. The poster depicts the safety procedures needed to indoor climb safely. Rock climbing is one of my favorite hobbies and I wanted to design something that was not traditionally seen when it came to safety graphics. All of the photography and graphics are original and were created using adobe software. While it was an exploration of my knowledge of rock climbing in a step by step guide, it was also an exploration on my understanding of how a grid works in a poster format, readability, typography, and an understanding of my target audience (College-Age Males). 


Uncle Ben's Remedy is a folk/rock band based out of Buffalo, New York. Performances range from local honkey tonks and bars around western New York to opening and headlining at major venues, such as  playing canal-side at summer festivals in downtown Buffalo. Their first album, titled Yesterday's Clothes, came out in 2014, and their second album debuted in early 2016.  Both are available on iTunes and Amazon. I've been their graphic designer since the start and created their steer head logo which can be found on their drum set and merchandise such as t-shirts, coozies, and bandanas.

Purchase their two albums on iTunes





My personal brand  identity. The alias Under the Radar Graphics was conceived when I was a junior in high school. At the time I was submitting cartoons to a tiny local newspaper in Western New York and didn't want "Keister" circulating around town, so I came up with the name on a whim. I decided to keep the name.